DealerDNA Synergie™

Marketing Platform

Designed specifically for Automotive Retailers

DealerDNA Synergie™ Marketing Platform

Synergie™ is a modular platform that "plugs" into your existing website and changes the way consumers engage and interact.

It includes features such as:

  • Custom engineered landing pages for every vehicle model that you retail.
  • These pages are then interconnected with iAutopilot™ that feeds these pages with real time retail offers based on the Dealer’s individual selling parameters.
  • iAutopilot™ also feeds these offers to Search Engines, which makes it a powerful SEM tool that leverages high performance campaigns that designed by our legendary marketing team. This allows payment driven ads to run seamlessly the moment that programs update, without any interaction from your management team.
  • What this all equates to is that every new vehicle in your inventory is on "special" everyday.

It's the most efficient automotive website marketing tool on the planet.

Why DealerDNA Synergie™

Competitive landscape assessment:

  • Many automotive retail sector websites are using outdated technologies
  • Inaccurate and incomplete vehicle product information
  • User Experience lacking key "Automobile Shopper" elements

DealerDNA has recognized this technology gap and taken the strategic position that any website, if supported by a set of widgets underpinned by our powerful DNAEngineTM will raise the consumer experience an order of magnitude. We have focused on three user experiences that websites consistently fail to deliver on. Enhanced Vehicle Inventory, Current Special Offers, and Higher User Interaction Rates. We've combined these solutions into a patent pending website plug-in module we call the DealerDNA Synergie™ Marketing Platform.

Who We Are

DealerDNA is an application development firm specializing in programmatic marketing solutions for retailing websites in the automotive sector. Based in Westchester County New York, just an hour’s drive North of NYC, we are strategically positioned to attract the finest talent available in the fields of Software Engineering and Marketing. We have a culture rooted in innovation, always willing to be the first into a new segment, rewarding risk and alternative thinking to problem solving.

Founded in 1997, the company has experienced steady growth filling the technology gaps that exist in the deliverables of the ultimate web based end user experience in automotive retailing. Many companies in the crowded space of website development have adopted the 80/20 ratio to define a management philosophy that states if 80% will accept a product as “good enough” then why invest more for the other 20%? DealerDNA lives in the 20% that the website powerhouse vendors ignore, where profit margins, headcount, and the lack of technological creativity all conspire to hinder cutting edge development.